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Bush Poetry I


And I sat

As the musk light draped

Like tissue paper

Over the land.

Bird cries echoed, mingling with

The barks of a dog and

Slow, sodden footsteps.

The wind caressed the treeas as the

Sun sparked orange

Before bidding the world and those

Dark, heavy mountains



And if I walk further

The enterprise of mankind

Spreads its dark, steely wings.

It scares the bush away,

Corners it, lures it into

Rusty-hinged traps.

And it is gone,



If we would learn to walk in silence,

Not to trudge with heavy shoe

And make paths to suit

Our own homo sapien needs,

Perhaps we would see for a moment,

The pause between breaths,


What really lies under our shoes.


To my left is nothing.


But empty space.

And if I move my eyes,

Steadily it becomes


And less so.

We cram so much into every tiny space,

Fill every moment, every centimetre

With an important


We have clouded our own horizons.

About E.K.M.

Studying at university, passing the time until a publishing Talent Scout comes to pick me up and whisk me away to a world where I can be an author without having another source of income. If only.

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