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Why Boots are the Best Invention Ever


Boots on the tarmac,
Boots on the staircase,
Boots on loose gravel,
Baby boots.

Boots that stalk,
Boots that kick and slide,
Boots that are thrown
Into the face of the Minister for Education.

Boots that jingle,
Boots that flop,
Boots that are heavy
And have thick layers of rubber where the ground should be.

Boots that think they are boots
But actually are poor excuses for
The very fine category that is
Enclosed footwear.

Boots are boots
Are boots are
Boots are boots are


Boots are the best invention ever.

About E.K.M.

Studying at university, passing the time until a publishing Talent Scout comes to pick me up and whisk me away to a world where I can be an author without having another source of income. If only.

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